Monday, 11 November 2013

internal and external experience

My work this year is about the optical obstruction that occur during a migraine. this experience most commonly none as the aura, this images floats ,flashes and moves across the vision of the eye. my work is based on some of the lines and movements that occurs during this type of this experience. my drawings have no intended structure to them.

this was one of my first drawings for the semester of my final year. i closed my eyes and drew out that line that i could see within my vision and then gave myself the rules that i could not add to the marks that were made just follow and heighten the existing marks . this is one of my favourite pieces because i had less control over the compatition of the image and this makes it feel more natural then some of my later drawings.

this is my next experimental drawing, playing with black and blue inks in one image. the closeness of the lines had an optical effect of making the illusion of the lines moving and flashing .

falling drawing - fragmenting colours and lines - expirimenting with structures and marks

landscape of the mind ?  collection of marks - playing with structures and combination of lines

experimental drawing ( colour) 1 : red and green = orange

experimental drawing ( colour) 2 : orange and blue = purple

more lines and more colour …….. is brighter better ?

work in progess : drawing installation - growth

getting a little closer :) 

my newest favourite discovery about this drawing is that it glows in the dark ! :)

inside floor finished 

                     deciding to fill in the gaps
expanding to other side of wall 

with this installation i am breaking out of my studio space and working with different surfaces . my intention for this piece is to challenge myself and to entice those who view my work to follow the lines from where ever they are to that larger drawing within my space where the experience will be more intense .

Tester wall piece : experimenting with colours, shape and lines

new wall piece

drawing and reflection 

new drawing - work in progress

final piece in degree show 2014

2015  new work experimenting 

All images Stephanie Hadingham 2015